Beta updated to version 2.4

Changes and adjustments

Postprocess settings have been set to High by default at game start, adjust or disable if you have low performance when playing (mostly on old hardware)

Player will no longer die at “highjump” platforms of the Mountains map. When falling from a platform player respawns at the top and can start jumping again

Adjusted visual and sound effect when sprinting and when exhausted. Also no longer running sound is heard while player is not running (when Sprint key is pressed but energy is too low to run)

LOD’s have been rebuilt and activated at remaining levels

2nd procedural maze has been removed for now


Added Boston harbor’s market scenery

Added new 3D Models (fossils, scenery, terrain, characters, items…)

Major bugs fixed

Fixed a bug where keys weren’t opening doors properly at Mountains map

Fixed a bug where the cave wasn’t collapsing once you had taken the fossil

Fixed a bug where morse code wasn’t stopping after message was read

Fixed a bug where same NPC was appearing 2 times in the same map

Fixed a bug where it was snowing inside the cabin

Fixed a bug where some texts weren’t appearing on screen

Fixed a bug where the player was still freezing while watching some cutscenes

Fixed a bug where Danforth was repeating his sentence annoyingly at Lake’s Camp

Aside from lots of minor changes and fixes: shorten first cutscene, changes in lighting of some scenes, adjusted timing of a few texts, changes and improvements on some textures, adjustments on a few cutscenes, updated credits…

Enjoy & have a nice summer!


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