Update Patch 2.3.1

mountainsofmadness2-Win64-Shipp 2016-07-16 22-22-21-14

New Hotfix update has been released for Beta version 2.3.1, major changes include:

-Resolution default value shown has changed to 1920×1080: If you have never changed the resolution, default resolution shown at the checkbox is not necessarily the one being actually used. By default the game uses always the desktop resolution at launch.

-New cinematics for first “flashback” inside the cave for better understanding of history and to look better

-Fixed walking animation speeds of several npc

-Dyer talking animation fixed to look less robotic

-Text fix: reduced the text font in the names shown above the heads of the npc

-New ambient lighting and fog effects to enhance the environmental cold

-Added water caustic visual effects for greater realism and because it is very cool 🙂

mountainsofmadness2-Win64-Shipp 2016-07-16 22-20-55-29


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