Update 2.3 + New Beta Trailer

Greetings, here are the details form the latest update and link to watch our new Beta Trailer!

Update Log

  • Updated Freezing Mechanic:
    • Now freezing will only affect stamina and movement speed.
    • Fixed snow effect over player character as player freezes.
    • Updated freezing visual effect: the effect of freezing now gradually appears on the screen as the player freezes and provides a visual indication
    • Fixed overlap of the freezing effect so that the player can always use the inventory without problems.
  • Updated player character movement & collision to make it more fluid.
  • Flashlight updates:
    • Fixed flashlight flickering when batteries are running low.
    • Fixed battery recharging system.
    • Reload text fixed: now the text shows when the batteries are about to run out and when you try to use the flashlight without batteries
  • Updated Boston Harbor map gameplay to leave clearer that the player has found his crew members. Added Harbor cinematic
  • Fixed an error on Harbor map where “E” where still appearing on the map when player has already found his crew members.
  • Updated Cave map gameplay for a smoother experience:
    • Now hammer and chisel are not (at least not for the moment) required to extract the fossil at the cave.
    • TNT use isn’t required inside the cave.
  • Fixed NPC animations and movement speed updated: some were too slow and others were running for no apparent reason
  • Added NPC name texts above their heads
  • Fixed Burning fire/damage:
    • Smaller fire damage range.
    • Prevent burning more than once at a time
  • Aside from lots of minor fixes and updates such as dates and other texts, timings of some texts that couldn’t be read, some objects in the world, updated LODs, blocking volumes updated…

Thank you very much for purchasing the game. Enjoy the update and stay tuned!


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