Alpha updated to v1.7

At the mountains of Madness Alpha version is now updated to version 1.7.

We made this update prior to steam release in order to solve a lot of bugs and to bring you the chance to help us, please keep us updated about your thougths and errors  🙂

A lot of stuff is added into the new version, such as new maps and mechanics, customizable options, combat system preview, controller support, character models, animations, materials, effects, cinematics..

New  renders and test interactive NPC’s

UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 01-40-00-30UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 00-55-06-12UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 00-55-42-73UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 01-24-22-97

You can change graphic details options now under options panel, if you start having resolution issues set your desktop resolution to 1280×1024 for best experience.

UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 00-54-15-64

There are 5 playable preview maps, ross wall camp, first cave, jurassic flashback, camp storm and Lake’s camp

UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 21-15-24-43 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 01-25-33-74 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 21-17-23-76 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 21-21-16-62 UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 21-17-46-50

Press ESC key during gameplay to open the menu to save your game and return to main menu

UE4Game-Win32-Shipping 2015-08-14 21-47-51-56


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