We have been Greenlit!

Hello! We have just been Greenlit at Steam Greenlight, Thanks so much for your support, you are awesome!

Stay Tuned for Updates, News coming soon!



3 thoughts on “We have been Greenlit!

  1. Ah well … finally the Stars Are Right for some devs to test their skill and sanity on the Big Shot (after del Toro was not ‘greenlit’ … ). The trailer, pics and overall mood so far are very promising, especially the sound/music ambience and the cave scenes. This has much potential. Be careful with the amount of core content (monsters and such, including Big Old Cthulhu), you are revealing, though, as Lovecraft himself restrained from revealing too much of the awaiting horror until the last few pages – sometimes the last few words, as you know! 😉 …

    Keep your sanity while working on this unspeakable chaos of code at the center of the universe!

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    1. Thanks a lot! and a good advice, we are showing a few of the monsters yet but everything are previews from now and there will be more monsters not shown yet 🙂 Thanks a lot for your kind words and lets hope that you like the final results, Best Regards!


  2. Some ‘appetizers’ are necessary, of course, and your antediluvian Cthulhu against the red sky is very effective, makes lots of peoples’ mouths wet, I guess … . Your trailer seems to be hinting at a Purist Stance, for all the better. People, who know the story (the core customer base?), will expect a faithful rendition of escalating horror – and people, who don’t know the story, have to be drawn into it in a very, very slow pacing, so they can absorb the echos of the past (you know, what I mean). If you can find the Silver Key, you will unlock eternity – becoming part of Lovecraft Lore … . 🙂

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